How I hacked my Facebook password when I forgot what it was

Facebook Password KeyMost of the time I stay automatically logged into Facebook every time I fire up my Chrome browser. But this time I had to log in. I got a new computer because my old one broke so I had to go through the task of remembering what all my passwords were… yup I didn’t save them anywhere. I also had no access to my recovery email so basically I was locked out of my own Facebook account.

I had to search for a some kind of hacking tool or app to get me back in. Luckily I came across this Facebook hacker from Infinite App Tools. I downloaded the app to my Samsung running Android and ran the APK. It asked me a few questions before it tried to hack into my account. It needed the URL of my profile which is mandatory. It also asked for my full name that’s been registered on Facebook, email address, and last remembered password. These last 3 pieces of information were optional. I’m guessing it makes hacking the account a lot easier and faster if it has as much info as possible.

As soon as I was ready I hit “start” and it started to get to work. It gave an estimated time which was a couple of hours at first but quickly dropped down to a few minutes. It was enough time for me to take a shower so I left it running in the background while I washed myself off.

Forgetting passwords happen all too often. I’ve had friends who lost years worth of memories because they couldn’t get access to their Facebook account. They stored all their albums of photos and videos of their trips on there. It’s always good to have them saved and backed up somewhere but it’s just so much more convenient to store everything online.

After I finished I jumped out of the shower and checked my phone. The BookUnlockr app still had about 2 minutes to go… it kept jumping back and forth between one and two minutes. I could hear my heart thumping in my chest waiting in anticipation. So I waited… and after a total of 28 minutes it was complete. There was this cute little animation on the screen with fireworks going off with the words saying “success!”. I jumped for joy and waited for the next set of instructions.

It brought me to a page where it asked my to enter in a new Facebook password. I wrote one out on paper before I entered it in. I learned my lesson, I’m going to keep my passwords somewhere safe. After entering in my new password twice I tapped “next”. Eureka! I was back into my Facebook account.

BookUnlockr saved my ass. I thought I lost some of my albums, some of them were set to private so there would have been no way of recovering them if I didn’t get back access. It would have sucked if I also had to add all my friends again. I have nearly over 1000 friends on Facebook. Searching them up and trying to find them again would be a pain.

Let this be a lesson. Keep your passwords somewhere safe. Or use something like Lastpass or Bitwarden.

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