3 ways to get more Stardust & Candy in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go StardustThe fastest and only way to get Stardust is by catching Pokemon. You can’t even buy the stardust with Pokecoins if you wanted to, if they had that option most players would be at a huge disadvantage. So whatever you do save your Stardust, don’t waste it on weak Pokemon that you’ve caught, wait until you get something strong and need a bit of stardust to get it max upgraded it’s IV to your current level. Besides catching and trying to find that already strong Pokemon is a lot more fun.

One amazing Pokemon Go stardust cheat we found that works 100% of the time on the current update is to transfer your Pokemon while quickly pressing the home button on your phone.  Instead of receiving only 1 stardust vile you’ll get 3 instead. This is a glitch that you should quickly take advantage of before Nintendo patches it in a new update.

The best time to actually spend your Stardust is when you hit level 30 but you can start spending it at level 20 if you really wanted to.  Another way to get stardust quickly is by hatching eggs, this not only gives you a ton of stardust but you also get tons of candy plus a chance of getting a rare Pokemon that’s not common in your area.

Pokemon Go CandyCandy is probably the hardest of the two items to get especially when it’s a rare Pokemon. When you catch Pokemon you get 3 candy plus one if you transfer it for a total of 4. Now this isn’t too bad if you’re catching nothing but Pidgeys and weedles but if it’s an uncommon Pokemon… Good luck! Luckily the new update lets you walk around with a Pokemon that you currently have, this is called the buddy system. You walk with your Pokemon and it gives you candy every certain amount of KMs you walk with it. You can switch out the Pokemon anytime but you’ll lose any progress that you’ve made, it will not carry over to your new buddy.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful in your Pokemon Go journey!

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